What We Love About Tommy

Pastor Warren Wiebe - Centre Street Church

I have known Tommy Low for about 10 years, and I am thrilled to write this reference for him.

In a word, Tommy is exceptional!  I have so much respect for the way he treats, cares for, and serves  people.  Over numerous lunches we have talked about his business dealings—both the challenges and the strategies for helping people .  ( I had a former life in New Home Sales).  I have heard multiple reports of how effective Tommy is in his work, and how pleased people are with the level of service they have received from him.  Tom has a strong conviction of how to treat people with respect and integrity.

Tommy has faced the challenges of his life with steadfast courage.  He has inspired me to persevere and never give up.  I have often said that I get so much more from Tommy than I give.  I believe many, many people would say the same.

I give to him my deepest admiration—and I highly recommend him as someone who positively and deeply impacts any environment in which he serves.

Jack Toth

Tommy Low is an optimistic overcomer, who is able to turn a setback or disability into a strength and opportunity. He is honest, treating people with respect, regardless of race, colour or creed. Tommy is a hard worker who understands the need for all people, especially our youth, to have the capacity and chance for to use their strengths to build a future of hope, opportunity and prosperity. Tommy is caring, understanding how to give a hand up rather than a hand out. Tommy is intelligent and courageous, a man who has utilized his strengths and built success where many others would have lost hope. Tommy is friendly, using his big smile to bring a smile!

Henry Che

We’ve bought our first house in Canada with Tommy’s help. Investing in a real estate property with lifetime savings is a nervous trip. But since we have the confidence in Tommy’s professional knowledge and his integrity, we did from viewing properties to signing the offer in less a week. We are very satisfied with our investment. And Tommy is someone we can definitely count on.

Barclay Manders, Corporate Coach

I have known Tom Low since the mid-seventies, have always admired his work
ethic, his ability to communicate, and adjust to personal and business
challenges encountered during his long and productive career.

He is a tireless worker while balancing his social and personal commitments.

I have been impressed with his efforts to remain current with the many
changes that have transpired over several decades while remaining on the
cutting edge with new ideas and practices.

There are few people whom I have encountered over the years who have braced
reality with this level of gusto, determination and courage.

He is definitely a person who has exhibited all the positive indicators of a
leader and will definitely bring to successful fruition whatever new venture


I have known Tommy Low for over 30 years now and he has proven to be a honest, hard working, straight up gentleman that “gets the job done”.

He has looked after all of my real estate needs from purchases to management and has excelled in these areas.

In all of our dealings he was able to really connect with people of all races, socioeconomic backgrounds, and religions and is a man of integrity.

Tom is a great listener who is very solution oriented.His experience in the business world as well as personally has been vast and he utilizes this experience wisely in his decision making. Tom when it come to making deals in real estate and life, looks for a “win - win” solution for all parties involved.

Tom also is a very generous person who looks after the less fortunate in society giving not only of his time, but financially as well.

Gordon Elhard, Retired Educator

Tommy Low may be a little man, BUT he has a huge heart, a huge intellect and a huge work ethic.  To be able to overcome a major physical handicap and go on to accomplish the success he has achieved takes courage, confidence and hard work.
These qualities are what every voter looks for in an MLA;  don't miss out in having him represent you in government.  He'll not let you down.