About Me

My goal? To be successful for you and your families!

Tommy Low is four feet and two inches tall. Yes, Tommy, by definition, is a little person. If you believe that you are too short or perhaps too tall to be successful, Tommy's story is sure to  change your mind. Tommy used his stature to his advantage, and once said years ago, when he met clients "I bet you will never forget me, will you?" Very few did. 

Tommy went on to overcome obstacles and challenges that most of us could not even dream of, to become one of the top real estate agents in this city! 

Now, Tommy is taking on a whole new challenge and he needs your help to succeed in running for the United Conservative Party! 

Moral of the story... size does not dictate success! 

Overcoming Obstacles

In the community

Organizations Tommy Volunteers With

Calgary Rotary South

Big Brothers And Sisters

Salvation Army

Calgary Drop In Centre

Impact Society